Dogventures Days 13 and 14: Resting Knees and More Malibu Breeze

There was no way I could have written this post last  night and I’ll explain why later.


After the usual, it was time for obedience, or as I like to think of it as ‘why me right now!’ They threw everything at us. Dog treats, puppies, and so many other distractions. Maybe it was just those two and just felt like it was so much more.


We had traffic checks in White Plains which I explained earlier. The class supervisor was in a van and would do things like cut us off during the crossing of smaller streets, or drive toward us slowly. Treble Did as she was supposed to and backed up or stopped completely, depending on what was needed. I have full confidence in her ability to keep me safe in that regard. They have signs on the van that say that they are Guiding Eyes and are doing traffic training, because the general public has yelled at them, thinking that they were just a clueless driver.


I was in a lot of pain and so I did not do a second route. I did, however, talk to my trainer about the Manhattan trip and I’m leaning more toward going.


I came back here and honestly just caught up on sleep. I am so very boring.

We had a lecture and practiced giving the dogs pills, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth. I appreciate the ‘shove it down the hatch’ method because every dog I ever had has been a real pain about pills, whether hidden in cheese, drowned in peanut butter, or submerged in their food. The easiest and quickest way to know for sure that they’ve taken that pill is to just do it the tried and true way, at least for me.


After dinner, a bunch of us from class went out to the Yorktown Grill and had a really fun time. I asked for something sweet to drink and was originally brought a Cosmopolitan. It was so tart and tasted like sour patch kids wrapped in regret and despair. I was brought another drink, and hence my new love for Malibu Bay breeze drinks was firmly established. I had three of them and wow, they were so good.


I crashed hard after returning back to campus and have just spent the day today resting, icing and heating my knee, and trying to engage in reading again.

Spoiler alert: Books ain’t happenin’ right now.


We have reached the home stretch. I am really going to miss my classmates so much. This week is going to go by quickly. Will I do the smart thing and do laundry and pack up on Friday so that I’m not rushing to do it Saturday night/Sunday morning? I hope so!

Narrator: Reader, this will not happen. Don’t trust this new leaf attempting to be turned over.


Food report

Saturday Breakfast: bacon and toast with strawberry jam

Saturday Lunch: Uh, this is why I have to write these the day of! Maybe grilled cheese?

Saturday dinner: baked chicken, couscous, and zucchini. I do not believe that couscous and I will have a long-lasting relationship. I do not think that I can be friends with the first cous or cous the 2nd, but it is because  of the texture!

After party: fries, onion rings, Southwest egg rolls, and all the breeze on Malibu.


Breakfast: grilled blueberry muffin

Lunch: skipped it because I was so tired.

Dinner: vegetable lasagna and garlic bread

4 thoughts on “Dogventures Days 13 and 14: Resting Knees and More Malibu Breeze

  1. I truly truly enjoy your blog. I love the way you talk about our days, and your writing style is just so beautiful… do you have a long time fan

  2. I love to read your book later on at night to jog my memory what we did during the day so we can think of ideas for the next day of adventures I love being with this group I am going to miss the support and the fun Ness we have been having

  3. Totally agree. Your writing is awesome. However, how could you forget about that pizza on Saturday? LOL The meat Lovers was bangin’!!

  4. Love your honest fun writing style Meka! I so feel your pain about the useless and toxic comments from “those” who so easily criticize these dogs, it can hurt rather deeply, like when someone criticizes one’s child, except that in these situations they are always and completely wrong! I will so miss you guys.

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